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The Power-Sepô System is a fully automated liquid chromatography system, capable of automating the purification and production of biomolecules using chromatography techniques such as ion exchange, gel filtration and affinity chromatography. The Power-Sepô System has the unusual flexibility to run laboratory, pilot or full scale production employing the same basic unit. The Power-Sepô System can be expanded to control multi-column and multi-sample applications. The DMS-6000 Data Management Software allows real time plotting and automatic documentation of purification data.





Chromatography Cleanup

  • Real-time plotting of UV, pH, Conductivity, and Temperature.
  • Purification parameters can be changed during the run.
  • Ability to save UV, pH, Conductivity and Temperature data every 0.5 seconds.
  • Programmable flow rate ranges 0.02ml ~ 1000ml/min.
  • Saved data can be reviewed and compressed.
  • Method development tool.
  • Runs from small scale to production scale purification.




Hardware Description

The hardware consists of a computer unit and a separation unit. The computer unit communicates with the separation unit through an RS232 interface. The separation unit consists of the following modules:

  • LC Control Module.
  • Pump and Pressure Control Module.
  • Valve Module.
  • Valve Drive Module.
  • UV Detector.
  • pH Electrode.
  • Conductivity Electrode.
  • Temperature Probe.
  • Gradient Module.
  • Bubble Detector.


Software Description

The Power-Sepô System uses Windows based DMS-6000 real time Data Management Software to coordinate the entire purification process. The system uses a 4 channel graphics screen for real time plotting of data which is obtained from a UV detector, pH and conductivity electrodes, and a temprature probe.


Automatic Documentation

The Power-Sepô can capture and save the purification data every 0.5 second in a data file. The saved plot data can be reviewed and compressed up to 1000 times. The Power-Sepô DMS-6000 Software allows you to display, review and print the results of a run or a compressed summary and to analyze trends. The report feature allows you to print the results in graph and/or tabloid form with date, time, title, file name, and the associated purification program.


Graphs and Tables

The purification data; UV, pH, and conductivity, can be superimposed on one screen. The Power-Sepô DMS-6000 Software allows you to review saved data from up to four runs on your display screen at once. The saved data can be printed as a graph or a table along with the corresponding purification program.


The entire purification protocol, from sample loading and column washing to elution and fraction collection, can be programmed on a task by task basis. The Power-Sepô System can be programmed to collect fractions based on volume, or UV absorbance. The developed protocol can be run unattended.


The Power-Sepô DMS-6000 Software Windows based Editor allows you to program multiple step purification processes in thousands of configurations. The purification programs can be individually named and saved. With the DMS editor you can set the following parameters:

  • Flow Rate
  • Volume/Time
  • Input Valve Selection
  • Output Valve Selection
  • Peak Separation
  • Gradient


Wide Range Of Flows

The Power-Sepô System allows you to program a range of flow rates from 0.020 to 1000 ml/minutes with the same basic unit. For large scale purifications, higher flowrate pumps are available. For details consult FMS.


Variety of Different Pump Heads

The Power-Sepô's modular pump head design allows you to choose the best size and type of pump head for your primary process and optional pump heads for other processes. We offer a variety of different pump head materials including Teflon, ceramic, stainless steel, kynar and tygon. Pump heads can be manually replaced in less than a minute.


Works with Organic Solvents

By replacing the pump head, and valve modules, the same Power-Sepô system can perform applications that require organic solvents. FMS 's wide range of pumpheads and valve materials allow you to use any kind of organic and inorganic reagents.


The heart of the Power-Sepô System is FMS's patented calibration process. It is capable of learning the optimum purification conditions and reproducing the same purification conditions over and over again.


UV Detector, pH, & Conductivity Electrodes

The Power-Sepô System monitors the UV absorption, conductivity, temperature, and pH of the purified material during the run. The data obtained from the detectors is plotted in a multi-channel plotting screen and can be stored for future reference or print out.


The columns are constructed from either PTFE, glass or acrylic. They can be used for both bench top analytical scale and floor mounted large scale separations. The columns are engineered in a variety of different sizes for gel filtration, affinity or ion exchange techniques.


Unlike other commercial systems which have been marketed for either laboratory, pilot, or process scale purification, the Power-Sepô System is designed to be used from laboratory to production scale purification with the same basic unit. The modularity of the Power-Sepô allows the transition from small to large scale purification to be as easy as replacing the pump and the valve modules. This feature of the Power-Sepô System saves money and makes the process development and scale-up an easier task.


Linear Gradient

The low pressure linear binary and ternary gradient module allows the creation and storage of unlimited numbers of profiles. The gradient module is interfaced to the Power-Sepô System and controls the gradient valve module for gradient formation.


Power-Sepô System Configurations:


System #1

If you are performing your purifications manually and the high cost of automation has prevented you from automating your purifications, you will love our System #1 configuration. This low cost system interfaces to your existing UV, column and chart recorder and automates your entire purification process.


System #2

If you are involved with analytical scale purification, our System #2 configuration offers you a complete laboratory scale purification system.


System #3

The modular system design of the Power-Sepô System allows you to reconfigure and expand the system to suit all your purification needs.


System #4

For method development and scale-up stages, Power-Sepô System #4 offers you the DMS-6000 complete documentation and analysis tools package. This software package assists you in creating an optimized protocol for your purification process.


System #5

As your purification application needs grow from laboratory to pilot to process scale, System #5 can be used in all stages of scale-up. With System #5 it is possible to run columns ranging from 1 ml to hundreds of liters.



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