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Sample Preparation: Titra-Stat/pH-Stat titration system




Titra-Stat/pH-Stat titration system

The innovative Titra-Stat/pH-Stat titration system, introduced by FMS, sets new industry standards in speed, precision, and performance, producing high quality and consistently reliable titration results and reduced downtime. This versatile titration system offers fully programmable multi-step titrations, real time plotting and automatic documentation of titration data. The Titra-Stat System documents the entire process and produces high quality and reliable results throughout the entire reaction sequence. The system can be monitored and controlled from any remote location using a standard phone line. The Titra-Stat has many applications such as enzyme hydrolysis, fixed or stepped pH crystallizations and extractions, and pH control of chemical reaction bath.





  • Real-time plotting of pH, reaction rate, and temperature.
  • Storage of titration data and temperature every 0.5 seconds.
  • Wide range of flow rates ( 20 ul to 1000 ml/minute).
  • Programmable flow rate ranges 0.02ml ~ 1000ml/min.
  • High speed pH control with minimum over shooting.
  • Maintains pH at set point for hours, days, and weeks.
  • Large titrant volume capacity of up to 10000 liters.
  • Automatic documentation of program, data and graphs.
  • Saved data can be reviewed and compressed up to 1000 times.
  • Runs from small scale to production scale titrations.
  • Expandable to multiple pumps and electrodes.
  • It can be monitored and controlled from any remote location using a phone line.



pH-Stat Technique

pH-Stat is a powerful technique which maintains a constant pH as hydrogen ions are released or consumed during the reaction. The basic principles behind pH-Stat are as follows:

  • The pH of a reaction is measured continuously.
  • Any deviation in pH from the set pH-Stat value is quickly compensated by reagent addition.
  • The speed and the volume of reagent addition is measured continuously and controlled with a wide range of flow rates to match the reaction rate.
  • The temperature of the reaction is continuously measured and the pH compensated accordingly.

The pH-Stat is not limited to reactions using pH measurement and adjustment. The reactions involving metal ions or redox can be controlled and monitored using Ion-Selective or redox electrodes.


High Speed pH Control

The Titra-Stat allows you to program flow rate ranges from 0.02 to 1000 ml /minutes with the same basic unit. Combining the patented flow controller with dynamic control has enabled Titra-Stat to contol the pH set point with superior speed and accuracy and minimum over shooting. Higher flowrate pumps are available for large scale titration. For details consult FMS.


Real Time Plotting of pH,Temperature and Reaction Rate

During the pH-stat run, the real time curve of pH value, temperature and reaction rate (dispensed volume) are plotted continuously as fast as every 0.5 second. This feature of the Titra-Stat keeps the operator fully informed about the pH, temperature and reaction process.

Atomatic Documentation, Review & Data Compression

The Titra-Stat can capture and save the titration and temperature data every 0.5 second in a data file. The saved data can be reviewed and compressed up to 1000 times. The Titra-Stat allows you to display, review and print the results of the run or a compressed summary and to analyze trends. The report feature allows you to print the results in graph and tabloid form with automatic date, time, title, file name, and the associated titration program.

Graphs and Tables

The titration data, reaction rate, temperature and pump speed curves can be superimposed on one screen. The Titra-Stat allows you to review the saved data from up to four runs on the review screen all at once.

Remote Monitoring & Control (RMC)

The Titra-Stat is the first generation of Remote Monitoring & Control systems offered by FMS. The optional RMC package enables the user to monitor and control the Titra-Stat system from a remote location using a laptop computer and a standard phone line. The RMC allows the user to monitor pH, temperature, reaction rates, edit programs, review data files, and change parameters such as pH set points, the speed of titrant addition, and maximum volume/time of titration.


Multiple Stepped pH Control Points

With Titra-Stat you can program thousands of different pH set points within one run. This allows you enormous flexibility to control the pH with a flow rate range of 20 microliters/minute to 1 liter per minute.

Modularity & Expansion

The modular design of the Titra-Stat allows the system to be expanded with additional pumps, electrodes, valves and other devices. The Titra-Stat can be expanded to be monitored and controlled from any remote location.


Variety of Different Pump Heads

The Titra-Statís modular pump head design allows you to choose the best size and type of pump head for your primary process and to choose optional pump heads for other processes. We offer a variety of different pump heads whose wetted part materials include Teflon, ceramic, stainless steel, kynar and tygon. Pump heads can be manually replaced in less than a minute.


Wide Range of Flow Rates

The Titra-Stat allows you to program a range of flow rates from 0.020 to 1000 ml /minutes with the same basic unit. You can configure multiple pH set points to be controlled with different flow rates. For large scale titrations, higher flowrate pumps are available. For details consult FMS.


Temperature Compensated pH

The Temperature Compensated pH menu option performs real time temperature compensation for pH values. As the temperature of the reaction changes during the run, the Titra-Stat system monitors the temperature as often as 0.5 seconds and immediately corrects the pH value.


Works With Strong Acids & Base

By changing pump heads, the same titration system can be used for strong acid or strong base titrations. FMS 's wide menu of pumphead materials allows you to use any kind of organic as well as non organic reagents.


Works With Strong Acids & Base

By changing pump heads, the same titration system can be used for strong acid or strong base titrations. FMS 's wide menu of pumphead materials allows you to use any kind of organic as well as non organic reagents.


Continuous Flow (No Buret)

With the Titra-Statís patented pump controller you can set the volume that suits your reaction size. It can be set from 1 ml to thousands of liters without interrupting the reaction process for buret refilling. The pump is accurate and can be easily calibrated.


Real Time Control

With the Titra-Stat real time control panel, you can adjust parameters such as:

  • Set pH control point
  • Proportional Range
  • Duration time of titration period
  • Flow Rate

This feature allows you to optimize your parameters during runtime. In addition, you can save the program and output for future reference.

Production Scale-Up

The Titra-Stat allows the transition from small laboratory scale to production scale titration to be as easy as replacing a pump head module. This feature of Titra-Stat saves money and makes the process development, and scale up to production scale very economical.


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